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Learning to fly with a quadcopter

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This short information article being crafted for all interested readers who have an avid interest in flying and aerial borne activities is focusing on the flying skills required for driving the quadcopter which is yet another name for the popular commercial and recreational aerial drone. Readers requiring more extensive information on how to acquire the necessary flying skills while perusing authoritative reviews on makes and models optional and suitable for their personal or commercial requirements should go to authoritative and commercially-driven sites such as

In the meantime, here is a brief outline on those required flying skills prerogatives. Three flying skill categories have been defined. These are beginner, intermediate and professional. Starting out with a quadcopter for the first time, it makes sense to begin learning and droning with a beginner level craft. After the requisite advanced flying skills are acquired, new pilots can gravitate towards the quadcopters recommended for intermediate and professional pilots.

Beginner level drones allow new learners to acquire basic level flying skills. There is room to maneuver and space to enjoy yourself while learning. Intermediate and professional level drones are purposely designed and manufactured for commercial use. Such commercial examples where cameras have been attached to the drones or quadcopters include recording videos for advertising or documentary purposes and the recording of photographs for scientific and research purposes.

When utilizing these onboard cameras, handlers have what is known as a first person view (FPV). This allows for users to see what is happening through their lenses in real time. It is recommended that beginners take careful note of the reviews online that have categorized crafts for their levels. Of course, reviews have been prepared for commercial users as well.